Pon di Road - Walking to Class in Pictures

Leaving my house, about 100 yards off the main road at about 7:30am. Class starts at 8am.

Picking up Michelle, who lives across the street

A shop on the corner. It's usually open in the afternoons. Text message Brandi: "coming :)".

Approaching Brandi's house

It's a daily battle to keep the dogs inside. Usually Rex (r) escapes and follows us the whole way.

I highly doubt this is followed.

This was empty our first two weeks here. Now it is noisy and smelly.

Michelle and Brandi passing a local hang out and shops.

The local high school: Ewarton High School

Just keep walking, just keep walking...

We can see the community center (training site), but still have 15 min to walk to get to the bottom of the hill

Abandoned, overgrown buildings are not a rare sight. Some look pretty enchanted.

Local bar. Not open at 7:45am.

Someone has been busy!

Sweet Impression is a local DJing service. Approaching the steepest part of the hill.

Mike & Pat have joined us.

The busiest part: the taxi park at the bottom of the hill.

And stray dogs. Everywhere.

Sign at entrance of Ewarton Community Center. That's right: It's about winning.

Morning traffic headed from Linstead to Ocho Rios

Bus stop

Ticket booth just at the entrance of the CC. They asked for their picture to be taken. Ok.

And we arrive: 7:55am.

Our trainer did an excellent job making a bland room into a classroom.

Pretty anti-climactic, but an accurate glimpse as to where I've spent most waking hours the past 5 weeks.


Lacy Szuwalski said…
What a great idea! I might steal it! Hope that's okay with you. I love that you are still getting people asking you to take their picture. :) You all look like you live in palaces :) Hope you're having a great time!