Twenty Two

I still refer to Megan as my little sister, which takes most by surprise when they learn that she's actually in her 20s. I still imagine her as a 7 or 8-year-old, perhaps because that's when she really started getting "old" or "big" enough to hang with the big sisters. I remember my mom being pregnant with her, I remember feeding her as a baby in the high chair. I remember sharing a room with her, from crib to bunk beds.

I'm still learning about her. Learning that her favorite cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
Learning that she does not usually answer directly, and that she takes great joy in giving gifts to others. Learning that though her bedroom may not reflect it, she is detailed in most areas of her life.
Learning that she has a sensitive heart and desires to see the best in people.

Happy birthday, little sister! 
May this day bring about a spirit of thanksgiving for the years of life God has granted you.
I love you!