Confessions Over Coffee

Confession: I wish I had majored one of the sciences. Not Biblical Studies.
This picture really is of my chemistry review notes. I can't get enough of science.
Alas, what is done is done. If I were to go back, it would be for the sciences.

Confession: I have the same shower routine. Every time. Exactly the same. 
Boring, yes. But efficiently boring.

Confession: I love networking
There is something special to me about building positive relationships and linking others along the way. 
I don't know why or how God has given me [many] friends in "high" places, but I love it.

Confession: One of my all-time favorite movies is High School Musical.
The other one is The Wedding Planner.

Confession: There are certain things that still make me cry when thinking about how difficult Africa was.
I am aware that I was an emotional wrek while I was there, and I thought I was over it.
Apparently not every aspect.
 I guess I cannot always blame the medication for everything.


Carly said…
i love this post! science??? really? here's a blog (((((((hug)))))))) for the next time you cry :( we did hang out on sunday! oops! want to go out for ice cream on friday night after dinner? we don't have any plans.