Confessions Over Coffee II

Confession: I'm a stationery snob.
Working at Papyrus ruined me. Hallmark and American Greetings don't cut it anymore.

Confession: I listen to Norah Jones only on rainy days.
Her music is far more entertaining under those circumstances.

Confession: The part of reentering service that scares me the most is a new team.
It's not the people who scare me. It's having to build those friendships all over again, knowing that I left perfectly healthy ones behind.
That, and going through pre-service training again. I pray I don't write it off because I already "know it all."

Confession: I really don't care for tea.
That's why we have confessions over coffee.
But if your name is Meredith or Victoria, I'll enjoy a cup of tea in your kitchen over quality conversation.

Confession: I'm afraid of dogs--deathly afraid--for as long as I can remember
If it's bigger than a cat, it's big enough to hurt me.
So if I hang back or put you in front of me if I see a dog from 60 yards away, this is why.


Lindsay said…
Afraid of dogs?! I will try not to hold this against you! ;)
Kate-y said…
Oh I'm so glad it will not come between our friendship. Just never ask me to house sit for you. :)