This is It

The swearing-in ceremony was a bit like a typical American graduation ceremony. 
It got started late, important people made speeches, our group repeated the oath, 
we were presented with certificates, and then we danced for the crowd. 
Here are a few pictures to wet your palette:

Meg, Abby, Me, & Uncle Jamil at fancy dinner a few nights ago.
Hanging with cousins Ida & Binta during last moments in training village!
twin feet praying at Koriteh, the end of Ramadan
I was nominated to say Christian prayers at the beginning of the ceremony
"I, Kathryn Wright, do so solemnly swear..."

PC The Gambia Education Sector 2011 (with our PCVLeader)

Catherine, Katherine, Kathryn. That's right.


Anonymous said…
hope you had lots of fun.
Go to and enter in a random word to be able to get the chance to have me (Mini Mee) make a blog about you. Contest ends Augest 15th.
That is really cool. That gives me insperation for my daily walk.
Anonymous said…
Good luck with your time in the corps! I enjoy Piper as well and am an American serving overseas.
Lindsay Cosley said…
Hey Kate! Loving reading the blog and seeing what is going on in your side of the world. Jim and I continue to pray for you!
voip services said…
hope you had lots of fun
Jahwarawarman said…
Nice people, good friends, happy family, exciting journey, wonderful life \o/
Steve Finnell said…
you are invited to follow my blog
World Marin said…
cool..i enjoy reading your blog =)
Ban Mai said…
hi, your picturs are very nice, can we make friends? I'm Vietnamese,
wish you have a nice day.