If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words...

Yes, that is a boy following a dog. On top of an 8-foot wall.
Sunset from inland

Helping to roast cashew nuts. It's a lengthy process!

Beautiful girl

At our African Naming Ceremony: Joe, Meg, & me

Team (minus 2) bike ride to the beach!

My training village host mother, Hawa, at the naming ceremony

Tang, Jon Pray. In baggies. Must I say more?

The gang at the naming ceremony.

My new best friend.

Helping to make rolled coos at a marriage ceremony.

My host sister, Gibbeh, during the first major rainstorm.

Ida Problem (named by her mother), carrying her monkey like a little mother.

...then multiple pictures must leave you speechless.


Heartwarming activity. How generous of you guys to spend a lot of effort for these people.
Jennene said…
Wow - some beautiful shots. What an amazing experience.
Amanda said…
love the pictures kate! especially glad to see that you are practicing safety and wearing your bike helmet in africa! :)
voip services said…
Heartwarming activity.