First Day of Training

There was a family in my class last year who used to have standard dinnertime sharing where every member shared 3 things about their day:
1. the highlight
2. the lowlight
3. how they shared the Gospel that day

After I got back from a full day of administrative and logistical accomplishments, a current PCV asked me something similar:
1. the happy
2. the cra***
3. the awkward

Those little connections to familiarity are really appreciated.

So here we are:
1. The Highlight: Waking up this morning to the birds and the sun rising, especially after a restful night of sleep, was wonderful. I started taking malaria pills last night. Since I am on the strongest ones that oftentimes cause vivid dreams as well as insomnia, I was particularly thankful. There's just something wonderful about waking up with the morning, too. His mercies are new every morning.

2. The Lowlight: As mentioned above, the day was full of logisitcal and administrative meetings, cell phone issues, banking accomplishments, and the sort. The worst part was fighting jet lag tiredness in a hot room while sitting through another round of seminars. Most of us had to fight dozing off. Additionally, receiving round 1 of a Rabies vaccination was not particularly enjoyable. I'm sure it's preferred over the disease, though.

3. How I shared the Gospel: I shared my Bible reading plan with another girl today. She saw me reading my Bible and was pretty surprised that I read it every day. Every. Day. I recently started Dr. Horner's "10 Lists" routine, which helps keep me pretty accountable. There's definitely plenty of down time to "fit" it all in.

And, just for free, here's a little update I've been sending to a few:
Well, it's HOT here. You think SC is hot. Add humidity and you're in Gambia weather. Supposedly this is the rainy season and it's supposed to downpour like it does in the midwest, but we've only had but a sprinkle this afternoon. There's only 13 members on my team, and they've told us we're the "cream of the crop" beacuse budget cuts took away 12 of the regular 25-member team size. The good news for us is that we'll get the top sites to be assigned to.
Today was the 1st official day of training, and it was pretty much all logistical and business stuff. We're staying in what's called the "Transit House" one more night, then we'll move about 45 minutes away to live on a compound for 4 days. After that we'll be assigned a temporary host family (based on the language of the region we've been assigned) and we'll finish our training with that family. Then there's a whole procedure to moving to your more permanent site. Our training will be shorter than most because the school year starts in mid-September and they want us on site before that starts.

Memories and thoughts of PNG are usually with me at all times, but I actually see and feel them a lot more here. It might be attributed to me, too, being in a foreign place again.


Claire said…
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Excellent entry. What an experience you had.
Sidiki said…
Katey, it's so nice to hear your stories of the ups and the downs. Please keep them coming! You are God's vessel of love in action. My prayers are with you always. Hugs, Ciara