Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 Thoughts for the "11" Day

My school's secretary said as I walked in this morning, "Oh. That's weird. I just wrote the date. 1-11-11."

So, in honor of the number 11 today, here are 11 thoughts from my scattered brain:

1. Grooveshark
Has anyone else discovered this gem in the music-listening world? My sister introduced me to it over Christmas. It's kinda like Pandora meets your personal iTunes account. They have more eclectic music than Pandora and you can customize your playlist more than on Pandora. It took me a little while to get used to, and I'm still not sure if I have it figured out. Regardless, I'll be frequenting it more often! Thanks, sister!

2. Decorating
I got guilted into decorating our home's living room. Mainly, to put something up on the walls. I ended up making my own fabric photo bulletin board and sticking some neat scrapbooking paper in coordinating frames. It is very clean-cut with a hint of vintage. No promise, but pictures may follow in another post.

3. Winter Camp
This weekend is our annual high school youth ministry winter camp. I like to think of it like a paid mini vacation. Until I realize that I'm one of the responsible adults. Fortunately, we have a low-key, drama-free group of students going this year. We spend Friday night through Monday morning at camp worshipping the Lord through song, listening to a man speak the Truth of God, go on outdoor adventures, and have quality time with our students. We wrap the weekend up with snowboarding on Monday. Last year the weather drove us home early. I'm crossing my fingers for another snowboarding adventure this year.

4. Latin America
The more I think about it, the more I want to move to Latin America. What a culture! Do you think I'd fit in with my blue eyes and lack of Spanish knowledge?

5. Illness
So many sickies in my class today. Boy A was gone yesterday and then came late today. Boy B was fine until right after morning recess. He was hit with a wave of nausea that I could see in his eyes. Yuck. Then Girl A complained of chest pains and pneumonia-like symptoms halfway through the day. To top it all off, my co-teacher had to cancel our dinner plans because she was starting to feel ill! Personally, I'm working on building up my immunity to it all.

6. Sojourn Music
Is. Awesome. They're a church worship band from somewhere in the Midwest (I think). I first heard them on Noise Trade (an artist networking site). Their Christmas album cannot be beat. Cannot. I've tried. My current favorite of theirs is "Warrior." This is the best video I could find of it. Not only is this group super gifted in music, but their lyrics are significant and rooted deeply in theology. Support yer [not so] local worship band!

7. Kale Chips
Are a great way to enjoy another leafy green. I don't know where I got the original idea, but I make them with each batch of kale that comes in my box. And I eat the whole thing in one day. Normally I'd feel guilty. Not with this! To make: slice leaves of kale into bite-size pieces, discarding the thick stem. Toss in a bowl with a splash of olive oil and sprinkle of sea salt. Lay flat on a baking pan and bake until crispy, about 4-6 minutes. They are delish right out of the oven or after they've cooled. The taste and consistency slightly resembles seaweed. But not as sea-y.

8. Sarah's Wedding
My sister's wedding is in 2 weeks. And counting. I feel so useless as her maid of honor 350 miles away. She's not very good at wanting to delegate things to others, anyway. I am honored to be a part of her wedding and thrilled that she found a godly man to spend the rest of her days with, Lord willing.

9. Contentment
Blast contentment. It comes up frequently in conversations with other believers. I am discontent. I was thinking yesterday through praying for my heart and relationship with the Lord to change rather than praying for the circumstances He has me in to change.

10. The Gospel According to John
I've been reading through the Gospel of John with our church. As I was reading chapters 6 & 7 this morning I had the thought of how many times Jesus emphasized that "the hour/time has not yet come." I want to observe that more and understand on a deeper level what it means.

11. 11 Years Ago
I was 13 1/2 years old. I was in 8th grade. To this day, 8th grade was my favorite school grade. I had a cool group of friends, I was excelling at sports, and going regularly to youth group. I can't say that I was a Christian at this point in my life, but it was a pretty pivotal year in terms of the Lord softening my heart. My close friends were all non-Christian. I did dumb things and had almost reached the height of my rebellion toward my poor mom and dad. But I loved being at church and had a bunch of college-aged youth leaders who invested time in me. Goes to prove that attending church doesn't mean a thing without Christ as your motivation.

Happy Tuesday, blogging world.