Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ensenada Loft Trip May 2010

Here are some pictures of our recent Hands of Mercy Loft Home build.
Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, I'll let the photographs speak for themselves.

Gilberto y Maria, our expectation is that this home and the ministry that made it possible will draw you closer to the God who provided it for you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy Random Happenstance

I think the last (and only) time I was emotionally, physically moved during corporate worship through music was in high school. I was some 14 or 15 years old, standing around our school's flagpole on the national day of prayer referred to as See You at the Pole. An upperclassman led the popular song Shout to the Lord. As my vocals blended in with the other twenty-some people present, I couldn't help but lift my hands upward in surrender and humility. Literally, it was like they were thinking for themselves. My heart has never physically felt more full. As soon as it started, it stopped. I'll never forget that snipet of my life.

It's something that I crave, something I wish I could be more like others in. I am envious of watching others lay everything aside to bask in the presence of their Savior during corporate worship though music.

Waaaay too often I'm more focused on the lyrics, the sounds, the people around me, the whatevers. I pretty much gave up on trying to make genuine worship a mental discipline. I think it's an individual issue that each worshipper struggles with. Worship matters. I don't take it lightly. But sometimes I think I think about it too much, thus disallowing myself to be emotionally moved to the point of natural physical reactions.

I cried during worship today.

Today was different. Something new crossed my life's spiritual path. It was probably the combination of enjoying an "acoustic" worship experience, followed by an off-the-charts (encouraging, humbling, biblically accurate, much needed, gently delivered) sermon, followed by another acoustic hymn that did it to me. God opened my heart to respond to His truths.

This post is to say thank you to David, a guest lead worshipper at a church I was a guest at this morning. I know little about you. That's okay. I could go on and on about why I think your song choices, musical talent, and raw presence added to the experience. But it's not necessary. I just want you to know that something about the circumstances and your love for the Lord was moving. It was contagious.

The Lord used your surrendered life to move His people this morning.

Thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit.

Praise be to God.