Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blog Slacking

You called me out. 
I'm a blog slacker.
In attempt to redeem myself, the past few months through pictures:

The rainy season came a bit late this year.

Who can resist this face?!
Playing around while cousin fixes his bicycle so we can go for a ride through the bush. 

The beginning of our keyhole garden and all my eager little helpers!

photograph by Lacy Szuwalski

Playing a syllable game to reinforce reading readiness with a grade 1 little girl.

Well, hello there, goofy smile.
Much to her denial, Lora is always the target of photography at big events in Jamaica.
I was caught with her at a day of 20/20 cricket matches.
For those of you who don't understand the game of cricket so much, check out this article for a hilarious explanation.

Care package crafts compliments of sister Sarah! 
This cousin duo make up some of my best friends in community.

The Hudson Gardens in Littleton, CO
photograph by [tba]

Second sister to get hitched in October! A beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, beautiful day.
Many of my students guess me as the one furthest right.

In November my former teammate, Lacy, brought a friend to come visit.
One of their visit highlights: Dolphin Cove, compliments of Uncle Stafford & Aunty Marilyn.
They swam with the dolphins, had Jerk, we all swam with the [nurse] sharks, and went on a boat ride to see the falls.

Our primary school's second annual Christmas carol service. 
Yes, I voluntarily took the role of crafty decorator.

Up next: family Christmas traditions.

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