Sunday, April 7, 2013


Clearly, I've been slacking on the weekly photography challenge.
I have no excuse.
However, I will continue posting pictures according to theme.
They'll just be on my time frame from now on.

The current theme is: messes

The day before Easter Break, this grade 5/6 classroom was a mess!
The children basically spent the half day playing games.

I know these aren't not the clearest pictures, but they're both the inside of taxis that I regularly take.
The taxi's that run on my route are in such disrepair that you just hang on tight and pray they'll make it safely up or down the hill!

Yes, that's a piece of watering hose as a make-shift door handle.

My kitchen was a royal mess this morning.
My landlord's neighbor has been bringing me produce, and I now have tons of pumpkin 
(which I definitely won't complain about). I boiled and pureed a bunch of it to freeze this morning.

I personally am not a very messy person. I like my things organized and in their place. But when life gets busy, messes tend to pop up more frequently.

And finally, I've been kind of a mess recently. You can barely now see the bruises on my right foot from hitting rocks while jumping at Blue Hole. On the right, you see the end stages of my 3rd skinned knee in Jamaica. Fortunately, our amazing bodies were designed to heal themselves in circumstances like these. Hopefully no more messy Kate for a while!

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