Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kate's Cookshop

Week three of photography challenge was themed

Local eateries are called cook shops. Typically, one can find curry chicken or goat, brown stewed chicken, or fried chicken with either white rice or rice and peas (beans). Here's what was cooking in my cookshop this week:

Since I simply forgot to take pictures of my dinners (must be the end-of-the-day, post-work-out hunger desperation), I extended it to this week. The following 7 pictures are truthfully dinners from the past two weeks. Apparently I like taking close-up photographs, so look to the description to actually see what they're about.

Preparing to make my own vegetable stock for carrot bisque:
bok choi, carrots, tomatoes, and onions. When boiled through, puree in blender, adding coconut milk and curry to taste. This batch lasted all week!

Callalou over egg.
Callalou is a leafy green like a cross between collard greens and spinach.
It takes rather woody, but steamed with onions and garlic brings out great flavors.

 Boiled pumpkin and sweet potato.
Jamaicans call this "food."
Just season with a tad of salt and pepper!

My new, sweet friend, Amber, treated me to dinner at a nearby restaurant.
We both chose callalou-stuffed chicken breast over sweet mashed potato.
It was not only a work of art, but also a party in our mouths.

 Traditionally a Jamaican breakfast dish, many volunteers make gourmet rundown for dinner.
It's basically seasoned, reduced coconut milk over veggies. A protein (chicken, fish) can be added, but I prefer the simplicity of veggies such as pumpkin, carrot, and cho-cho.

Jamaicans also love them some porridge: plantain porridge, peanut porridge, banana porridge, and oats porridge are all popular. I came across this almond porridge at a new grocery store near me, and I'm sold! I stir in coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and occasionally honey. It's not a typical dinner food, but it's delish!

As the locals say, "Mi belly full!"

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