Thursday, March 14, 2013


Week 4 in the photography challenge is:
from a low angle

(1) a view or vista
(2) a mental view or outlook

A few of the following photographs I snapped for documentation purposes and then shot with this week's theme in mind. As I sifted through them later, I realized how much a difference perspective makes in one's view of the situation. 

My kind site mate recited the word perspective on a daily basis post-hurricane Sandy. Her community was completely thrashed and it was as if there was little to no hope for the future. When making my own decision to site change, I was very intentional in asking other volunteers and staff for their perspective.

On a particular adventure to a PC favorite secret swimming hole, one volunteer happened to lose a J$1000 bill (a little more than $10 US). Upset with herself, another volunteer's comment completely changed her perspective when he said, "But think of the joy on the child's face when s/he finds that $1000." True, J$1000 is no cheap loss for the volunteer. But in perspective, we can afford to lose that amount every once in a while. And it will be a tremendous blessing to whoever finds it off the beaten path.

With this, I encourage you. Take a moment to look at life's situations through a different perspective not only visually, but critically and spiritually as well.

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