Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black & White

Jamaicans--and many other developing countries I've lived in--call it as it is. I'm white. The typical Jamaican is black. One time I was trying to describe a Jamaican to my Jamaican host mother. Her trying to help me was, "Ohhhh, that one tall black man." I laughed out loud and exclaimed, "They're all black!" I was too new to understand, be able to see, and appreciate the different shades of black.

When I first read this week's photograph challenge, I thought that I  might change pictures into black and white tones. But then I realized that black and white are natural colors in this beautiful world we call our present home.

This week's challenge: black & white

I made a keyboard for our computer room from Styrofoam egg cartons.
Recycled + purposeful = double win.

White me with 5 of my black students.
I teach all of them in different pull-out groups.
This was after they had just run about 1 mile with me.

It's breadfruit season again! Roasted breadfruit is my favorite.
How do you know when it's done roasting? 
When it's only black & white.


Margaret from Australia xx said...

Good girl, you are having a great time. Yes you and I are white, some people are different shades of black, a fact. They look so beautiful. Love your hair, your Styrofoam computer and your blog. Keep it up. Margaret from Australia

Armor Games said...

I actually love the way these look together, especially the variation in the color where

they have bent and pulled repeatedly. I would totally put a print of this on my kitchen


Alternative Medicine said...

I love your blog. It definitely highlights the inner most parts of Jamaica.