Saturday, February 2, 2013

We're all stories in the end.

This 20-week photography challenge is meant for InstaGram users. 
But I'm adopting the weekly themes to life in PC Jamaica. 
So every week, for 20 weeks, I'll be revealing to you themed photographs of my service! 

This week's theme is Self Portrait

My goal is to take a picture a day, and it's called a challenge for a reason. I didn't rise to the pic-a-day goal this week, but there's still 19 more weeks to make up for it.

Post-run, one of my stabilizers. I'm thankful to have moved to the hills where
the weather is cooler, thus making jogging more of a reality.

I spend a lot of time studying my US map, and it comes in real handy when other PCVs visit.
Free maps from AAA make great PC decor. 

Found out that the best time of day to run is about an hour after school lets out.
These 5 boys, ages 8-11, jogged about a mile with me. It was a blast!
Each step with them was a reminder of why I'm here.


Volunteering at Oracabessa Foundation's Fast Pickni (child) track day.
The KFC visor made a comeback after OF's last event.

Cleaning day!


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Tamsen said...

Well, I love that you have a bright orange KFC Colonel Sanders hat. Where. on. earth. did. you. get. that.