Sunday, February 10, 2013

Challenge Week 2

This week's theme is: things that make you smile.

Initially, I started this challenge as a means to portray my PC Jamaica life in a creative way. Now that I've been at it for a couple of weeks, I'm learning things about myself in the process. Like that things that make me smile are typically things that remind me of people I love.

Bethany Dillon wrote the lyrics, "I uprooted, and miles behind me are the faces of the ones I love." Each time this phrase wafts its way out of my laptop speakers, my heart just melts. A few of the following pictures are only evidence of this very reality.

There's really 3 things in this picture that make me smile:
1. Menchie's Fro Yo spoon that Tamsen mailed me for my birthday.
2. Zoloft (rx for anxiety) mug that I theived from the PCJ office.
3. Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice instant latte my mom mailed me.

This was my first real week of working with my selected students.
A 4th grade boy pulled this rock out of his pocket and told me he carried it from his yard for me. Sweet. 

This mini-fridge sits in our staff room at school.
That is an REI "Cycle" sticker on it. Of all the possible stickers.

Another rock that sits on the windowsill above my bed.
Tamsen drew the face on it and mailed it from Puget Sound, Washington to Jamaica, West Indies.

The army men my mom sent me in my last Easter package.
Maybe she intended them to be prizes for my students.
Maybe she sent them because she sends weird stuff.
Either way, they make me smile. 

I spent Thursday, Friday, & Saturday with lovely friends at a lovely place learning about an incredible ministry here in Jamaica. They put us up at their hotel and this is how they fold the towels. Original, no? 

This picture isn't from Saturday, but it's one of boys at school.
They're throwing each other to the ground and wrestling.
'Tis completely illegal at school is America. And 2 years ago, it would have upset me. But this time I smiled, because I now realize that it's their way of bonding, and I especially appreciate that the teachers don't get worked up over a little roughhousing here.

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Tamsen said...

I like that stuff I have sent you showed up twice! That rock is sooooo cute.