Friday, June 8, 2012

I find myself with unplanned free internet time and a guilty conscience about not posting something for the few and faithful followers to read. Here's some key facts to hold you over until next time (aka, a more planned post):

- June 14 marks three complete months in country/on island.

- While my school has about 125-130 students registered, only about 70-80 attend on a regular basis. Do not ask me "Why?"...yet.

- The following community organizations exist in my community: Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Church of God, Quaker Church, and a Farmer's Group.

- In addition to numeracy and literacy intervention, I hope to help start a school garden and a student-of-the-month program with the new school year.

- I will be spending two weeks in another parish in July assisting two other volunteers who are putting on a summer camp for primary school children. Inna di bush. Inna di heat!

- The days continue to be long, but the months really do fly by.

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Anonymous said...

Hey just found your blog in blogger universe. Intersest great pics just added you to my rss feeds.

hope you update again soon