Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Between

A quick Google images search of "in between" informed me that many musicians can relate to the phrase. There are countless album and songs containing that title. [That was for free.]

Between The Gambia & Jamaica

The past two months of being back in California have been a weird in-between. 
So weird, in fact, that I search for words to describe what life's like now.

I have grown tired of communicating my short Peace Corps stint.

I've come to the rude realization that I will never be able to recall every last miraculous detail in any one given story-telling situation. Those miracles are what really matter.

No one I know will fully understand or be able to relate to what I went through.
(A special thanks to my fellow med evacs: Christy, Sharon, Pete, & Jessica, for coming close.)
I'm not a big deal to my medical doctors here in California.
Just another chart number and appointment on the books.

To the people who have asked
"Are you sure you want to go to Jamaica and continue service in Peace Corps?"
No, I'm not sure. Thanks for bringing up my insecurities.

There are no creative ways to tell people that I'm a successful college graduate living at home again.
I love my parents. It's not's me.

I'm slowly understanding how messed up my body really is,
and wonder if my health will ever be the equivalent of what it was pre-Africa.

All this in-between can get pretty discouraging when I lose sight of the goal. 
The theme of Philippians 3 is having no confidence in the flesh, pressing on toward the goal.
My flesh is weak (as if I needed to be reminded), and my goal is Christ.



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Tamsen said...

Onward indeed. Indeed.