Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thankful Heart

Because I'm a lists person (sorry, Emily), and because I need to be more thankful, here is my Gambian thankful list:

I, Kathryn Wright, am hereby thankful for the following after 2 months of service:

1. Quiet times with my Bible. Lots of it.
2. People who speak my native tongue.
3. Friends who I never would have met in the states.
4. Books I never would have read.
5. Good preachers: like John Piper, Pastor Bob, Pastor Tim.
6. My iPod.
7. Uncle Jamil.
8. Water filters.
9. Shorts that I can wear inside my hut.
10. Someone else doing my laundry (perfectly normal here).
11. Air conditioner.
12. Letters and care packages from America.
13. Emails that communicate everyday American life.
14. Sisters.
15. GMail chat and video chat.
16. My site mates in training village: Joe & Meg.
17. My future site mates: Catherine & Meghan.
18. Cookies.
19. Uncle Jamil. Again.
20. Rainbow flip-flops.
21. YOU!!


Joyful said...

It's been really fun to hear, see and read about how you are doing as you are serving in The Gambia. as well as seeing what it is like over here too.

Everytime I hear this song; I think of you, it's Allison Krauss' Down to the River to Pray.

voip services said...

it is wonderful