Saturday, August 27, 2011

My House. In the Middle of the Street.

View standing in front door, looking out back door.
My new house is (local) brick, plastered, painted white, with a thatch roof. The thatch keeps the place really cool, but encourages critters to live in there. It's probably a 10'x10' single room with 2 windows and 2 doors. There are screens on the windows and the doors have a screen door and I have really good cross-ventilation. My backyard is rather large, with plenty of room for a garden. There is a metal corrugate fence that gives me complete privacy. I have a pit latrine, which I really don't mind. I MUCH prefer it to a mediocre flush toilet. Because you never know if the water is working with a flush toilet here. Gross. Yes, there really are 3 wives, a dad, and a grandma. It's hard to tell which kids are the 10 of the family's 10 because so many people hang out in each others compounds all day. I have figured out at least 4 of the kids. And 3 of them are too young to even talk. It's going to be really different living with infants. Especially coming from training village with older kids. My new host father speaks good enough English, and the neighbor across the way, Hawa, speaks excellent English. She will probably be my go-to for now. I haven't busted the camera out at site yet, so be looking for pictures in the future!


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