Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life & Death

I saw a man die last night. I was driving on my way to church and the car in front of me plowed over a man in the crosswalk on a bicycle. I don't think they saw each other. I pulled over & called 911. The guy on the bike was DOA. It was so sobering.

The man who hit him was in shock; seemed like an average nice guy just not paying attention. I stayed for about an hour in the cold, it had stopped raining by then. The police took our information and I left as the ambulance took the body away. All I could think about were each of the men's eternal states. The man who died: did he know? Did anyone tell him about Christ? Did he believe? And the man who hit him. Did he know that he's forgiven? That there's hope in this broken world?

I don't know why I am surprised at the ways that God correlates our lives with those around us. I got to youth group late, and as I walked in they were singing the song "Walk by Faith" by Jeremy Camp. It's powerful, especially after facing the realities of death. Then the study was from 1 John about worldliness, and how you can't love the world and love Christ.

One of my girls poured out her thoughts to me last night. She's faced death this week, too. She goes to a school where a 19-year old alum had just been killed in war in Afghanistan. She knew him, had had classes with him. She's confused and upset. We're both clinging to the Lord through the ways we've been effected.

My mood matches the weather: gloomy with bursts of sunlight. I can't get the images of last night out of my mind. Part of me wants to recoil and get away and think. The other part of me wants to shake the nonChristians around me and beg for them to believe in Christ. Neither is very effective. At the end of the day, I am ever more thankful for my own assurance of salvation, and I have been reminded in a tangible way that our bodies are only temporary.

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