Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've been inspired to take snapshots of something each day of my life. 

I recently read about a guy who took a snapshot at exactly the same time each day. That was cool. Unfortunately, my life is pretty redundant in this season, and I figured that if I took a picture at the same time each day it could end up pretty boring. Instead, I will do my best to capture a moment of life each day.

Ideally, I want to post the snapshots each day.

Realistically, it might happen a few times a week.

Here is today's snapshot:

Homemade cinnamon rolls!

I used this recipe.
I am trying to find a recipe that I can do with my after school cooking classes.
I made a couple of alterations, like adding heavy cream and cream cheese instead of buttermilk.
And I spread chunks of butter on top of the cinnamon/sugar mixture, much like in a pie.
I did in fact have a taste (shocking, I know).
They were pretty delish.
And the best part was that it took less than 1 hour to make!

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