Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

I had the pleasure of joining my family for Father's Day weekend last week. What a great time we had!

I drove up north with Anna and she dropped me off to my sisters in Rhonert Park. We ate at Chunky's Mexican food before heading over to Sac Town. Chunky's did not agree with my stomach. However, based on local raving reviews, I think it has a lot of potential.

We drove from Rhonert Park to Sacramento that afternoon. It had been 6 months since we had all been together.

That night we had a mini Father's Day dessert celebration. I am thankful for my dad!

On Saturday morning my sister's friend Kayla gave us the grand tour of Denio's Farmer's Market. Because of family history, we had never ventured to this local attraction. It was quite the experience.

Kayla explained the market set-up to us perfectly: About 1/3 of the "Farmer's Market" is produce and local people selling their food goods.

I couldn't figure out what these (left) were. They were labeled as squash. Looking back, I should have bought one and cut it open to find out! Sarah is happily choosing corn to take home (right). Yum!

The Pomelos (a variety of grapefruit) were HUGE!

The middle third of the "farmer's market" is like a swap meet with people selling new goods (anything from baskets to wedding gowns and rolls of bulk material to knick-knacks. The last third is like a giant garage sale. It was like the "farmer" was getting further from the "market" the further we strayed from the entrance. This is a picture of about 1,000 kids' meal toys someone was trying to sell. I was amazed at how many there were to choose from. It would be some kid's dream! Now I know where to go to stock up for my classroom treasure box.

On Saturday evening we went to my uncle's house for his 2nd marriage wedding reception. It was a beautiful Sacramento summer evening outside, and our family could not be more happy for Uncle Pat and his new bride, Lisa. I had a fantastic time hanging out with my younger cousin, Austin, for the first time in about 8 years. No exaggeration. The last time I saw him, I think he was 8 or 9 years old. A lot changes from age 8 to 15 1/2.

Our new families:

from left to right: Austin, Cheyenne (Lisa's daughter), my mom, me, Lisa, Uncle Pat, Megan, Sarah, Dad, and Tamsen in the very front.

We spent Sunday together as a family and took Tamsen back home to Rhonert Park. On Monday afternoon I flew back to Los Angeles to resume life as it is.

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