Thursday, December 3, 2009

You honk at them and tell them to pull over!

The same boy I've written about earlier (for the sake of naming, we'll name him "Mahogany Boy") had yet another funny moment yesterday.

We were reviewing a grammar homework sheet and discussing the different types of verbs. Regular verbs, blah blah. Compound verbs, yada yada. State of being verbs, huh? And helping verbs...what in the world?

We were correcting the Compound verbs section (where there are 2 or more verbs in a sentence usually separated by "and").

Example sentence:
God will punish the unjust and forgive the saved.

One student asked a legitimate question, "What if there are other words between the first verb and the "and"?

In our example above, this includes the words "...the unjust...".

I opened my mouth to reply, "You can just ignore them and leave them alone," when, at the same time, Mahogany Boy calmly and collectively interjected:

"You honk and them and tell them to pull over."

Of course! Why didn't I think of that?? That's what we do with unnecessary words in a sentence on a grammar worksheet. We honk and them and tell them to pull over.

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Monique said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! I died. I love that little boy.