Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Day in the Life...

...of a 4th grade assistant teacher

6:00 am- wake up, read Bible, get ready, etc.
7:20 am- head to school (decide not to bike ride...still too cold)
7:24 am- arrive at school in record time (yup, usually takes me 5 minutes)
7:30 am- head into classroom
7:40 am- staff devotions on the real meaning of Christmas
8:00 am- morning recess duty at tether ball courts
8:20 am- take roll, hand class over to Bible teacher
9:00 am- reading groups, teach grammar and compound nouns
10:30 am- finish grading homework
10:50 am- recess duty again, stand in sun attempting to keep warm
11:10 am- math word problems (seem to create even bigger problems in life)
12:15 pm- lunch duty, convince a 3rd grader that I invented hand ball
1:oo pm- take my own lunch break
1:30 pm- finally remember to tell curriculum director I can't make today's meeting
1:45 pm- peace out...I'm done!


Jennene said...

So that's what you do! Cool! :)

Tamsen said...

Nice. Where did the inspiration for this post come from? :D

Carly said...

you invented hand ball? oh yeah, and your dad taught raffi how to play the guitar... :)

Carly said...

PS i cannot stand math word problems!!!!