Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We have been reading this book by Paul Tripp as a youth staff. It's a great read, and since beginning to read it, I have given it to two different sets of parents outside of our church, that they might also benefit from reading it.
While the major content of the book addresses the parents of teenagers, I will be the first to admit that my own non-teenage-parent heart has been convicted of its sinful nature page after page. We started reading the book when I was still in the nanny phase of life when chapter 2, Whose Idols are in the Way, brought me to my knees.
Now we're on chapter 8 (yeah, it's been that long) and I want to share a bit of what Mr. Tripp writes to us. This chapter is appropriately titled Convictions and Wisdom, as it addresses strategic ways to help your teen develop godly, wise choices based on their personal spiritual convictions. First off, I think it takes a lifetime for most of us to reach this point in our own lives. I'm definitely not there yet. Second, for all you god-fearing parents who stock my blog (all 2 of you...:)) may you be encouraged to start developing wisdom in your child's life even now. Paul Tripp writes why encouraging wisdom at an early age is important:
The truths of Scripture are like a great symphony orchestra. You do not really understand or experience a symphony by hearing the separate notes of one violin, oboe or drum. You do not experience its rich beauty by hearing a duet between the trumpet and the bass viol. It is only as you hear all the instruments played together that you really understand the majesty and the beauty of the symphony. In an orchestra, each instrument is made more beautiful by the other. Each complements and balances the other. Similarily, Scripture gives us a symphony of truth. Not just one not but many contribute to the rich, harmonious tones of truth. As parents, we need to have a symphonic mentality as we train our children for godly living. We cannot hammer away at one note. We must introduce them to the whole symphony of biblical wisdom so that they can make biblically sound decisions.
Oh how this applies to all of life! Let us not forget that our God is a God of many facets and that His nature is not merely one, two, or even three-fold. He has written a symphony for us to pay close detailed attention to. Don't miss out on this grad opportunity!

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