Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On to the DL

My parents came down last week for a little vacation time in SoCal and I got to accompany them for a few days! We went to
Medieval Times on Sunday evening, LaBrea Tar Pits & the Nixon Library on Monday, then Disneyland on Tuesday! Sadly, I had to leave Tuesday evening, but mom & dad spent the rest of the week
touring Disneyland and Ca Adventure.
Here are some pictures from our day at Disneyland!

There were so many people willing to go to Disneyland despite the rain! It only rained for the first 20 minutes on Tuesday
and was beautiful the rest of the day.

Mom getting ready for the ride of her life on the Matterhorn

Dad & I at a photo shoot while waiting
for our reservations at Blue Bayou

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Fellow Blog Stalkers

Sometimes I am led to believe that my blog is far cooler than it really is. I am greatly inspired by all you faithful bloggers, and many apologies to those who actually somewhat frequent my blog. So many new things have happened since Olivia's birthday party, and I'll do my best to post about them soon. As for now, I'll leave you with a little fun. Facebook recently endured this epidemic of posting 25 random things about yourself, and I chose not to participate. But then I was reading my sister's and was totally inspired. So here ya go:

1. I am the second daughter of four girls. We all have blue eyes and brown hair, and for the most part, look alike.
2. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes; I just finished The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. You must read it too.
3. My childhood ambition was to be a hair dresser. One of my aunts was a hairdresser and I thought it was so cool. As a kid I went through a few of those Barbie heads and was always styling my or my sisters' hair growing up. I outgrew that ambition sometime between junior high and high school. But I still think it would be cool.
4. I discovered my fondness toward athletics in high school, and to this day, still aspire to be an athlete. If I could be known for one great thing in the world, it would probably have to do with having an athletic accomplishment. Probably too late for that now.
5. My favorite color is aqua blue. It goes with everything. Except maybe red.
6. Just yesterday I found out that my left leg is longer than my right leg. No official measurements have been taken, but my chiropractor made the discovery when testing my lower back pain symptoms. Hmmh.
7. I did not enjoy eating vegetables until I lived overseas. Now I cannot get enough of them!
8. My favorite body part(s) is the hands. Seriously, God was really thinking on that one. I love doing things with my hands! Could you imagine life without hands?
9. I am technologically un-savvy. I use a Mac, people. Why must electronics be so complicated?
10. I am genuinely scared of dogs. Not all dogs, but most of them.
11. My heart beats for junior high and high school students. My life would not be complete without them. If I do only one thing for the rest of my life, I want it to revolve around students.
12. I prefer to eat with plastic utensils. There's just something about metal scraping against my teeth that I cannot stand.
13. I care deeply about corporate worship through music. Deeply. More deeply than I can write about in this post. A few of my favorite recording artists are: Charlie Hall, Matt Redman, Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin & David Crowder.
14. Movies are hard for me to sit through. There is rarely a movie I find worth wasting 2 hours of my life watching. Slumdog Millionaire is the most recent worthwhile one. Before that...I can't even remember. Invisible Children.
15. Many people are under the impression that I want to be overseas as a missionary for the rest of my life. While this is a legitimate assumption, most people don't realize that I am not opposed to staying in the states, either.
16. I wish I were more creative with words. I greatly admire authors and their ability to paint stories of colorful abundance on the blank canvases of their readers minds. (How was that?)
17. Though I have basically zero artistry in me, I get really excited about art. The old art doesn't quite do it for me like the more modern graphic design, but I guess it all originates from the same place, that being people's imaginations. I spent about an hour wandering through Beverly's last night just staring at the artistry in the paper and textiles.
18. I wan to become better at taking objects and tweaking them into something unique. I have a friend, Tonde, who is particularly gifted at this. Yesterday she showed me how she spray-painted her son's rocket ship swing for her younger daughter. She painted it pink, painted white flames on the sides, and sewed this sheer, shiny green material up the chains. Really? It was incredible.
19. Though I am avidly opposed to Hallmark stationery, not much tops their line of FreshInk cards. My sister & I used to go to the Hallmark store just to read the FreshInk cards. My new favorite reads: "Anybody can bring the green beans amandine to the neighborhood potluck, but it takes someone very special to bring the funk....Happy Birthday." They're basically just ridiculously funny greeting cards.
20. I divorced my iPhone. I had it for about 10 months until I decided that it was really a piece of junk. Please hear me out. I am all for Mac's. In fact, I hope to never buy another computer. And I use my iPod for greater things than just listening to mp3's. Apple certainly knows how to make a genius computer and write cutting-edge software. However, they do not know how to make a quality phone. The iPhone is a sweet gadget and has many beyond necessary yet handy tools. But it's a crappy phone. I went back to the BlackBerry.
21. Sometimes I wonder what others truly think of me. Actually, I often wonder. Am I weird? If I knew me, I would think I was weird.
22. I'm shy. For a while I thought I got over being shy. But this week at work (*new job) the doctor kept making comments about how I don't talk. Then my friend went in to see him & apparently she told them that I talk all the time. Now they know the truth. Foolish me, just talk!
23. I have become a consumer American. Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I live a life of excess. Last night Tonde & I were talking about how to simplify our lives. She just threw away a $200 pair of jeans. $200! She tossed 'em because she realized that she has become someone she never wanted to be, and owning those jeans was a manifestation of that in her life. I shamefully admit that I own the same pair of jeans. What to do?
24. I love getting to know people. I am fascinated by the things that make us "tic," and how we individually got to the place where we are currently in life. What our goals, ambitions, fears and pet peeves are. I can't stand talking to someone about insignificant things. One of my faults is that if I cannot get attached to someone & build a relationship with them, I usually don't even bother talking to them. I'm working on it.
25. I love Jesus. I don't know why I left this one until the end, but I did. The person and godhead of Jesus Christ is what drives every decision in my life (again, I'm working on it). Were it not for Jesus' life, death and resurrection, I would not have life. My driving force in this life is to become more conformed to the character of Jesus.