Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a Wrap

I felt kinda ridiculous syran wrapping the fully decorated Christmas trees today. I guess they've been up for long enough. It made me feel better that the Horning family does this every year.

As I was twirling the giant roll of plastic wrap around one of the trees I was provoked by the thought process behind Christmas trees. I've never really thought about why we purchase and decorate Christmas trees every year. In my family, I guess it's mere tradition. My dad has been going to the same Christmas tree farm in Northern California since he was 6 years old. I have a picture there with my sisters every year of my childhood (even one of me in the cooker). We go up as a family in October to choose a tree, reserve it with our name, and then in December go cut it down. It's been quite a fun family tradition that I have discovered many families do not have. Another family I know waits until Christmas eve and sneaks out to Wal-Mart's dumpster to find their Christmas tree of choice--for free. Different, yes; tradition nonetheless.

I realize that Christmas has come and passed for the time being, and it's pretty cliche to repeat that the realities of Christmas should remain in our thoughts at all times. Did you know that today is the last day of the Christmastide season? It is commonly known now as the 12 Days of Christmas, but traditionally is a part of the liturgical church calendar. Christmastide is a celebration not only of the birth but also the incarnation of Christ. From the little research I have done, Christmastide is primarily taken seriously by the Catholic following. It's just all interesting to me how we have come so far from a baby supernaturally born to a poor carpenter's wife in a place where animals dwelt and shepherds hearing the first of the birth to wrapping fully decorated fake trees in syran wrap to preserve their aesthetics while in storage for the next 10 months. Where is the connection?

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Amanda said...

why the heck would you saran wrap a Christmas tree? am i missing something...?