Monday, November 3, 2008

Practicing Thankfulness #3

3. I am thankful for the cool weather. Since moving to SoCal, I have learned that I much prefer the cooler weather over the heat. Go figure. It remindes me of home, of baking with mom and having picnics in the living room while it was raining outside. As little ones we were allowed to go on "rain walks" down to the end of the street, all decked out in rain coats, golashes and a few umbrellas. I loved watching the creek across the street rise to threatening levels (threatening to a 7-year-old, at least). Long sleves and beanies are my preference! I woke up early Saturday morning to the clapping of thunder and brightness of lightening. I thought of how majestic God is in creating the weather and how His power and might is displayed in such huge ways.

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