Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Practicing Thankfulness #25

25. I am thankful for David Crowder. I'd definitely have to describe him as the U2 of Christian music. Worship music. One of the greatest things I appreciate about Crowder is that he genuinely loves the Lord & that is clearly portrayed in the lyrics he writes and the genius of his music. If you could only buy 1 music album in your life, or if you had to purchase a Christian album, I would definitely recommend any of Crowder's albums. There's too many things I am thankful for about Crowder, but mainly, it's his passion for our God and his desire to lead worshippers in spirit and in truth through the medium of music. Here's a cool story about Crowder:

My friend Josh used to be in a band. His band had many Dove Award nominations over the years (the "Christian Grammy"). During this particular Dove Awards ceremony Josh made it priority to meet Crowder before he left. So Josh, afterwards, seeks Crowder out of the crowd to briefly introduce himself.
J: "Hey David. I'm Josh Zegan from Dizmas. I just wanted to introduce myself to you."
D: "I know. I know who you are. I listen to your music all the time. I think you're genius. I don't know why you don't sell more albums or why your music isn't as popular."

Whaaat? Who goes up to Crowder and his response is "I know who you are."????
Here's what's even cooler.

The next night Josh went to say goodbye to Crowder, and Crowder's wife happened to be there. She got to meet Josh and her reply in meeting him was, "Josh! So nice to meet you! David never comes home talking about work; he tries his best to keep work separate from home. But you must have made a huge impression on him the other night because he came home talking about you." I know, right..."

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