Saturday, November 22, 2008

Practicing Thankfulness #22

22. I am thankful for books. I grew up in a home where reading was a priority. Our TV went on "vacation" whenever we did. Literally, we unplugged the television set & drew a picture of it surfing in Hawaii during Summer break. So to pass the time we (my sisters & I) would ride our bikes down to the library (a 3.6 mile journey), check out a whole backpack of books, and ride back home. We did this 2 or 3 times a week. Most people think that I have read many books when they see my full bookshelf, but what they don't realize is that I probably read the least out of everyone in my family. Some families collect sports memorabilia, others collect antiques. Well, mine collects books. The people at the used book store know us by name. There's nothing quite as sweet as curling up in the winter or laying out in the summer with a novel. I am thankful in particular for the classic Christian books: Pilgrim's Progress, The Gospel Primer, or The Divine Conspiracy. Currently I'm reading Age of Opportunity, Ishmael & The Puritan Dilemma. Books have taught me so much, and continue to teach me. May we all learn from the words of the wise (and not-so-wise) men and women who have taken the time to put their thoughts into words and endure all the hard work that it takes to publish books!

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Tamsen said...

Woot. I'm convinced that drawing that picture of the surfing TV was the begining of my journey to English nerd-dom. Priase the Lord for good literature!