Sunday, November 2, 2008

Practicing Thankfulness #1 & 2

Most of us relate the month of November with the holiday of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving allows for such an appropriate atmosphere of expressing our thanks; thanks for family, friends, homes, a free country, and for some, salvation. The title, "Practicing Thankfulness" comes from our pastor. He has been preaching through Colossians for a while now and last month spent a hefty amount of time expositing Colossians 3:12-17. Many times in that passage alone Paul writes how a Christian should naturally be a person characterized by thankfulness. Pastor Bob remarked at the end of a recent sermon how salvation and a relationship with Christ should pour out thankfulness in our hearts. We are to be a people of practicing thankfulness.

I have decided to [try to] post at least one thing I'm thankful for each day leading up to this national holiday. This is my form of practicing thankfulness for now. Since I'm already behind, I'm posting to make up for yesterday, too. :)

1. I am thankful for salvation. Seriously. Being thankful for salvation sometimes seems cliche or the "easy" answer. But Christ sacrificed staying in heaven, humbled himself to become man & dwell among us, lived a perfect life in the midst of trial and temptation, then died a horrible death on the cross and rose from the dead on the 3rd day, all to bridge the chasm between us and the Father. Is there anything more valuable? For this, I am eternally thankful.

2. I am thankful for my church. My sister thinks that it's just pride, but seriously, my church is the most biblical, New Testamental church I have ever experienced. I know that it's not perfect, and I'm sure that there are additional solid and legit churches out there. The more I become involved in the different ministries or meet people of our congregation, the more I am driven to thankfulness for such an institution. I am thankful that God has brought me to this church, for the people He has brought me into relationship there, for the ways that He has used the pastors and teachers to preach truth into my life, and for using the congregation to encourage me toward more holy living.

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Tamsen said...

Hey the pride comment is only said in jest. I think I would brag about it just as much as you do if I went to it. :D