Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Back!

Last week I was at Hume Lake for women's retreat. My church's group of about 40 women joined 710 other women from all over California to enjoy one another in God's creation! It was a splendid weekend full of great memories. Heather & I went running on Saturday afternoon, and it was COLD! Though the run was short I was able to sneak in a fun fact for Heather that I'll share with you.

Did you know...
...that when the air you breathe is too cold for your system to take in, tiny little capallaires in your nose burst to make up for the lack of warmth?

This happens to me during the winter seasons, and I can tell because I start tasting hints of blood in my saliva. Gross, I know! But fascinating how God created our bodies to work!


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Tamsen said...

sick, but fabulous. yay for the human anatomy.