Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday!

Today Abigail Ella turned 5 years old! She is a sweet blessing from the Lord to her family and all whom she interacts with. I have loved watching her grow up these past few years, and it's hard to believe that I first met her on her 2nd birthday. Here's the traditional acrostic Birthday greeting!

A - all about herself (hopefully only for a season...)

B - big blue eyes, her best feature!

I - illuminates the room with her sweet smile

G - growing bigger & bigger as the days pass!

A - all-around sassy

I - instantly remembers almost every event in her life

L - loves Jesus a lot (so she says...I pray it carries throughout her life!)

I pray, sweet Abigail, that your life continues to be influenced by those who love the Lord and desire the same for you. Be patient with me as I discipline you and snuggle with you. Love you!

Here is Abby painting a couple of weeks ago. Painting is one of her new favorite things!

And this is her with Griffen (about 6 months younger than her), her new favorite friend, and Griffen's sister, Ella. The four of us have such a blast together when the moms go out!

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Anna said...

birthdays, so fun....hey idea, have Abby paint her letters, similar to the pic, just without a template =-)I"m such a K teacher