Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fine, Fine

Some of you fanatics have sent me this email a bagillion times, so I'm finally giving in. Enjoy yourselves.

20 years ago I…

1. had only two sisters (and one on the way).
2. lived in the greater Sacramento area.
3. started saying words.

10 Years ago I…

1. had just started junior high school.
2. lived in the greater Sacramento area.
3. started taking Christ seriously.

Five years ago I…

1. read Jim Elliot's biography & my life was changed.
2. was being scouted by water polo coaches.
3. hung out with church friends ALL the time.

Three years ago I…

1. started school at The Master's College.
2. found Church of the Canyons!!
3. finally started appreciating my parents' renderings.

1 Year ago I…

1. moved back from Papua New Guinea.
2. started life in "the real world."
3. lived in a pool house with two almost complete strangers, and now we're the best of friends!

So far this year I…

1. have been on 3 real dates (that's for dad).
2. committed to being a missionary (Lord willing).
3. cried more than I ever have in a year

Yesterday I…

1. worked in the morning.
2. had an MRI on my left knee.
3. celebrated Brynne's 24th birthday.

Today I…

1. will lead corporate worship through music for about 75 women.
2. need to work on homework.
3. am going to see Dizmas play at Magic Mountain!

Tomorrow I will…

1. go to church. Holla!
2. spend some quiet time by myself before going to Abby's crazy 5th birthday party.
3. top the weekend off by going to Bible study. Another holla!

In the next year I will…

1. visit a foreign country.
2. go on a cool backpacking trip (Grand Canyon, Appalachian trail, etc.).
3. continue serving in the local church, waiting for the time of missions to come.

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