Friday, September 26, 2008

Sad Times

Yes, yes, I am a Trojans fan. Let's just set it straight: they rule. Okay, so the loss last night was pretty hard. And this football season hasn't been as much of a powerhouse as last year. But losing to Oregon last night was not the worst thing that could have happened. SC still has a good chance at winning the Pac10 title. There are still more games to redeem. In honor of USC football, here's a fact not everyone might have known:

Did you know...
...that Matt Leinart stayed to play for his senior year when he could have gone on to the pro's after his Junior year?

I got to meet his sister and parents last year in Chicago at the SC/Notre Dame game. He himself doesn't have the best reputation around, but his family was pretty cool.

Fight on!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday!

Today Abigail Ella turned 5 years old! She is a sweet blessing from the Lord to her family and all whom she interacts with. I have loved watching her grow up these past few years, and it's hard to believe that I first met her on her 2nd birthday. Here's the traditional acrostic Birthday greeting!

A - all about herself (hopefully only for a season...)

B - big blue eyes, her best feature!

I - illuminates the room with her sweet smile

G - growing bigger & bigger as the days pass!

A - all-around sassy

I - instantly remembers almost every event in her life

L - loves Jesus a lot (so she says...I pray it carries throughout her life!)

I pray, sweet Abigail, that your life continues to be influenced by those who love the Lord and desire the same for you. Be patient with me as I discipline you and snuggle with you. Love you!

Here is Abby painting a couple of weeks ago. Painting is one of her new favorite things!

And this is her with Griffen (about 6 months younger than her), her new favorite friend, and Griffen's sister, Ella. The four of us have such a blast together when the moms go out!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fine, Fine

Some of you fanatics have sent me this email a bagillion times, so I'm finally giving in. Enjoy yourselves.

20 years ago I…

1. had only two sisters (and one on the way).
2. lived in the greater Sacramento area.
3. started saying words.

10 Years ago I…

1. had just started junior high school.
2. lived in the greater Sacramento area.
3. started taking Christ seriously.

Five years ago I…

1. read Jim Elliot's biography & my life was changed.
2. was being scouted by water polo coaches.
3. hung out with church friends ALL the time.

Three years ago I…

1. started school at The Master's College.
2. found Church of the Canyons!!
3. finally started appreciating my parents' renderings.

1 Year ago I…

1. moved back from Papua New Guinea.
2. started life in "the real world."
3. lived in a pool house with two almost complete strangers, and now we're the best of friends!

So far this year I…

1. have been on 3 real dates (that's for dad).
2. committed to being a missionary (Lord willing).
3. cried more than I ever have in a year

Yesterday I…

1. worked in the morning.
2. had an MRI on my left knee.
3. celebrated Brynne's 24th birthday.

Today I…

1. will lead corporate worship through music for about 75 women.
2. need to work on homework.
3. am going to see Dizmas play at Magic Mountain!

Tomorrow I will…

1. go to church. Holla!
2. spend some quiet time by myself before going to Abby's crazy 5th birthday party.
3. top the weekend off by going to Bible study. Another holla!

In the next year I will…

1. visit a foreign country.
2. go on a cool backpacking trip (Grand Canyon, Appalachian trail, etc.).
3. continue serving in the local church, waiting for the time of missions to come.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Material Things

There are very few material things I am attached to, and one of them is fresh flowers in the home. There is nothing more welcoming than a fresh boquet of arranged flowers pouring out their aroma across the kitchen. I believe that much of the boquet's beauty comes in the reality that so many different things God created are gathered together in one small space. Daisies from Santa Clarita, Lupines from Santa Barbara, and the Baby's Breath from the LA flower mart are brought together, in harmony and unison, to esthetically compliment one another.

Here is the fresh boquet currently sitting on our kitchen table. Come over and enjoy them with me!

Yet Again

Sorry this blog has been nothing but fun facts for the past two months. Yes, there are more interesting thigns going on in my life besides just fun facts. Maybe that's the problem. There's too much going on! I'm taking this fabulous missions class right now, so hopefully I'll be able to post more about that this weekend.

But for now, here's another Fun Fact:

Did you know...

... that it is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Bouldvard at one time?

Betcha didn't.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Fun Fact

I taught this fact to Kate this morning & Summer suggested it be today's fun fact. Here ya go, fun & practicality all rolled up in one.

Did you know... microwaving a sponge for 30 seconds you kill the bacteria, and thus the smell on it? You can also run it through the dishwasher, and Kate even suggested running it through the wash.

This is a 4000x microscopic zoom of bacteria living on a stinking kitchen sponge. According to the research of this particular bacteria, most of it came from old milk and human skin cells.

Friday, September 5, 2008

411 Fath's Fun Fact Fridays

I got a new pair of running shoes this week. I tried out an Asics one this past time, but I keep going back to the Adidas Supernova line. They're qality. Except they have purple on them this season. The aqua blue a year ago was far more esthetically pleasing. Oh well. Maybe green is next? In honor of new running shoes:

Did you know...

... that spraying a light layer of ironing startch on your athletic shoes helps keep the white mesh whiter for longer?

'Tis true. I do it every time.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy happy birthday to.... Summer!

In honor of all her birthday posts, I hope you enjoy the following acrynom!

S - sunshine lighting up the room when she enters it

U - unfailing love for the Lord, well, as much as possible here on earth

M - most creative person I know

M - math whiz (maybe?)

E - elates her love of the Lord by sharing the gospel with those around her

R - roommate of my [current] life!

Happy birthday, my dearest Summer Martin! May the Lord's face shine upon you as you continue to sacrifice your life for the sake of His kingdom. Love you!