Sunday, July 27, 2008

praise, praise, PRAISE the Lord!

Sorry for the lack of a fact on Friday--busyness and no computer got the best of me. I figure it will just set you up to enjoy next week's fact all the more. :)

The good Lord has blessed my past few weeks in a rather different way than I'm used to "looking out" for. I have been receiving a mass of emails from missionary friends these past 2 weeks. Some of them are friends who I hear from on a regular basis (career missionaries who send me their monthly update), and some are on short-term missions as they write to me. They are in many countries: in the United States, in the Czech Republic, in Papua New Guinea, in Kenya and in Mexico. Furthermore, a family I met in PNG last year is on furlough right now in Orange County! I can't wait to visit and fellowship with them again.

I just finished reading through 2 separate updates from missionaries in PNG & was so overwhelmed with reading of God's goodness! He continues to draw tribal people toward Himself, saving their souls from eternal separation from Him. Likewise, youth in the Czech are hearing accurate teaching of God's Word--some for the first time--and responding with hearts of humility and surrender. Lives are practically and physically being ministered to as orphans are fed and medically tended to in Kenya. Needless to say, there are prayer requests attached to each of these emails. They include but are not exclusive to: further salvation from some, health issues for others, local fighting/warfare in one place, sanitary living situations in another. May we be reminded that God uses the hard times to prove His character just as much as He uses the joyful times.

As I read and reflect on the words these faithful men and women write to me, I cannot help but exclaim through tears, "praise, praise, PRAISE the Lord." My heart years to be in those countries laboring alongside my church family, and to know that my meek prayers carry them through is contentment enough. To God alone be the glory!

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The Pray Family said...

oooh, maybe i should try to use my potty training woes to give God some love... interesting... Lord knows I have a lot of potty training to talk about right now!