Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Everyday Evangelism

The mats where I stretch before and after runs at the gym are directly opposite of a few cardio machines. I like to take my sweet time stretching and just people watching others around me. This morning I was stretching after the run and listening on the conversation between 2 moms who were on the stairmasters. I heard their entire conversation, a mom of a 2-year-old (& I'm pretty sure she was pregnant again) was chatting with the mother of an elementary-aged child. These two moms had just met each other while working out. They talked about everything from discipline to potty training. Though I am not yet a mom, I understood and could sympathize with every comment they made. I was tracking with every situation they were describing, rolling my eyes when they did, giggling when they did, etc. 
The toddler's mom was describing her recent potty training endeavors (joy mixed with frustration) when she started talking about how she prays. She told the other mom how she prays for everyday grace from God, and how she finds herself stopping in the middle of frustrating situations to remind herself that God has granted her this "lot" for the day. It was sooooo cool! It was apparent that the elementary-aged mom was pretty clueless as to why toddler mom would do such a thing, and it was a beautiful lead-in to sharing the gospel!
Watching their conversation happen was such an encouragement and definite reminder to me of the situations our Lord puts us in to share the gospel of grace to this world! It was a reminder to be sensitive to the Spirit, to always be ready for any opportunity to boast of my Lord. May He continually be on the forefront of our minds.

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