Friday, April 4, 2008

Recipe Catch-Up

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I meant to all day!

Last week when I was sitting in the doctor's office they had some health channel on and the guy was making smoothies. Everyone loves a good smoothie (except Kate because she's allergic to fruit...), so I was highly interested. Usually I just blend whatever frozen fruit is around (Trader Joe's puts together great mixes) with a little bit of juice. But this guy blended his fruit with milk! thought this was convenient for those who don't enjoy the taste of milk but need their calcium! So I went home and tried it...the plain fruit with milk was pretty awful, actually. I added vanilla extract and it still tasted pretty bad. Finally I added a splash of vanilla coffee creamer, and it was so delish! So here's a new smoothie blend to try:

frozen fruit (I enjoy berry mix with tropical mix)
vanilla coffee creamer
flax seed oil (no more than 1 tsp per serving)

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