Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh my land!

Brian & I saw this on the freeway tonight driving home from church.

I know the pics aren't the greatest quality, but this is what I got for taking them while driving with my phone's camera.
Shh...don't tell mom.
If you look closely you can see Brian's white car on the lower left in the top picture.

Basically there were a whole bunch of yellow, white & blue flashing lights once I got on the 5N from the 5S. I was too far away to tell what it was, and I seriously contemplated calling 911 because they were such a distraction while driving (but I couldn't justify it being an emergency). Good thing I never called, because once I got closer I was able to read the words on the sides of approximately:
5-6 SUV's
2 police cars
2 semi-truck looking things with what appeared as chambers on the back

The words read one of the two following:
"LA County Bomb Squad"
or just plain
"Bomb Squad"

They kept going when Brian & I exited Pico Canyon, but who knows where they got off (maybe they're even going further than CA...?). I tried looking up any sort of news report online when I got home but didn't find anything. It was actually pretty freaky. We both agreed that it was weird.

PS- The "Oh my land!" title was for Brian. It's his trademark phrase and we've missed it with him being in Chicago for 3 weeks!

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