Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have been noticing the little things in daily life that are so satisfying. I know and firmly believe that, ultimately, our greatest satisfaction comes from Christ and Christ alone. Perhaps I may blog about that in the future. For now, I am thankful also for the graces of small, rather meaningless, satisfactions.

landing a jump snowboarding
peeing (that was for Kate!)
the end of a long, hard run
a clean kitchen
finishing a project or paper
unpacking from a trip
ending a good conversation well
going to bed tired
an empty laundry basket
longboarding down a hill without having to jump off
finding a great deal
understanding pieces of Scripture
reading a good blog entry (Gunner, Piper, Summer, etc.)
a hard laugh
popping zits (let's be honest)
finishing a book, good or bad
visiting home
crying out of brokenness
rearranging furniture
getting a good haircut
brushing your teeth
waking up to a warm morning
being at church

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