Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Redirected Paths

Many of us are familiar with the proverb stating that man may make plans in his heart but the Lord ultimately directs his path. And oh, how the Lord has made this very evident in my own life! So many plans I make or dreams I aspire to are changed because of certain events that happen along the way. This is beautiful, really. I want to be directed by the Lord. I desire to follow the perfect path that He has chosen for me according to His will.

Well, yesterday one of my paths was redirected. It may be a small and insignificant path, but it was a redirection nonetheless. I broke my right ankle. How?! Well, just walking through my backyard on an uneven surface. Bummer that it wasn't some glory moment. I actually just rolled it, and in my pride, chose to run the planned 4 miles on it afterward (I was headed to the gym when the event occurred) because it did not swell immediately. Throughout the rest of the day the swelling increased only slightly and no bruising appeared. Yea, it was sore, but a little ibuprofen took care of that.

My mom talked me into going to the doctor just in case, and since I had some time this morning I went to urgent care. However, on my way out to the car I rolled it AGAIN. I made it out to the driveway and started talking to the sound guy (Brandon, we've become friends) and the contractor. The next thing I knew I found myself on the ground with the two guys looking down at me. Brandon said, "uh, are you ok? you just passed out." Due to the pain from the roll, clearly. Ouch. That second one REALLY hurt!

So I made it to urgent care and was in so much pain that I was shamelessly crying in the waiting room. I went through the "see the nurse-go get xrays-then see the doctor" routine. The outcome: the ankle is too swollen to get a picture perfect x ray, but there is somewhat of a hairline fracture. It's too swollen to cast, so I have to go in early next week to get better x rays and a possible cast. Ugh! So annoying!

So the redirected path is the triathlon. The doctor firmly said no high-impact activity for 6-8 weeks (such as running). The triathlon is in 3 weeks. Go figure. I was really looking forward to participating it that! My stupid pride is hurt more than my ankle. I'm praising God that the injury wasn't worse and that healing is an option. But man oh man I was praying for Jesus to come back and give me a new body while sitting in that doctor's office.

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Becca said...

ow! i'm sorry kate! hope it heals up soon! maybe we can schedule another walk once it's better? or, you could sit on a skateboard and i could pull you around? ;)