Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thank you, little sister! for showing me how to post YouTube videos on my blog!
For those of you who haven't seen the Changed video I helped with this summer in PNG, here she goes!

Health & Wealth

Summer showed this video to me a while ago & I came across it again today. I hope it encourages you to preach the true gospel!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Redirected Paths

Many of us are familiar with the proverb stating that man may make plans in his heart but the Lord ultimately directs his path. And oh, how the Lord has made this very evident in my own life! So many plans I make or dreams I aspire to are changed because of certain events that happen along the way. This is beautiful, really. I want to be directed by the Lord. I desire to follow the perfect path that He has chosen for me according to His will.

Well, yesterday one of my paths was redirected. It may be a small and insignificant path, but it was a redirection nonetheless. I broke my right ankle. How?! Well, just walking through my backyard on an uneven surface. Bummer that it wasn't some glory moment. I actually just rolled it, and in my pride, chose to run the planned 4 miles on it afterward (I was headed to the gym when the event occurred) because it did not swell immediately. Throughout the rest of the day the swelling increased only slightly and no bruising appeared. Yea, it was sore, but a little ibuprofen took care of that.

My mom talked me into going to the doctor just in case, and since I had some time this morning I went to urgent care. However, on my way out to the car I rolled it AGAIN. I made it out to the driveway and started talking to the sound guy (Brandon, we've become friends) and the contractor. The next thing I knew I found myself on the ground with the two guys looking down at me. Brandon said, "uh, are you ok? you just passed out." Due to the pain from the roll, clearly. Ouch. That second one REALLY hurt!

So I made it to urgent care and was in so much pain that I was shamelessly crying in the waiting room. I went through the "see the nurse-go get xrays-then see the doctor" routine. The outcome: the ankle is too swollen to get a picture perfect x ray, but there is somewhat of a hairline fracture. It's too swollen to cast, so I have to go in early next week to get better x rays and a possible cast. Ugh! So annoying!

So the redirected path is the triathlon. The doctor firmly said no high-impact activity for 6-8 weeks (such as running). The triathlon is in 3 weeks. Go figure. I was really looking forward to participating it that! My stupid pride is hurt more than my ankle. I'm praising God that the injury wasn't worse and that healing is an option. But man oh man I was praying for Jesus to come back and give me a new body while sitting in that doctor's office.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have been noticing the little things in daily life that are so satisfying. I know and firmly believe that, ultimately, our greatest satisfaction comes from Christ and Christ alone. Perhaps I may blog about that in the future. For now, I am thankful also for the graces of small, rather meaningless, satisfactions.

landing a jump snowboarding
peeing (that was for Kate!)
the end of a long, hard run
a clean kitchen
finishing a project or paper
unpacking from a trip
ending a good conversation well
going to bed tired
an empty laundry basket
longboarding down a hill without having to jump off
finding a great deal
understanding pieces of Scripture
reading a good blog entry (Gunner, Piper, Summer, etc.)
a hard laugh
popping zits (let's be honest)
finishing a book, good or bad
visiting home
crying out of brokenness
rearranging furniture
getting a good haircut
brushing your teeth
waking up to a warm morning
being at church

Spaghetti Sauce!

Hi friends. I know many of you were extremely disappointed & let down by the lack of Recipe Thursdays post last week. Sorry. :)
This recipe for homemade spag sauce was learned from an Italian "Noni" (grandmother) and passed down to me. It's not exactly a family secret--just incredibly good! There are different things you can add to "personalize" it, and I'll include the list of options at the end!

3 lbs 15% ground beef
1/8 c Italian seasoning
2 bunches Italian parsley
2 large white onions
2 average cans reduced salt chicken broth
80 oz tomato sauce
1/2 c merlot wine
1 c tap water

in a BIG pot on stovetop brown meat with Italian seasoning
while meat is browning
chop 1 onion & 1 bunch Italian parsley (stems & all)
put in a blender or food processor & puree,
adding 1 can chicken broth
add puree mixture to browned meat
add tomato sauce
add merlot
add water
stir until mixed evenly
simmer for about 3 hours (or until desired consistency)
stirring occasionally (about every 10-15 minutes)
freeze unused sauce

other possible ingredients:
minced garlic
diced tomato
bay leaves (but remove before eating)
chopped onion (rather than pureed)
sliced mushrooms

This recipe makes about 8-10 cups of spag sauce (ok, that's a guess--all I know is that it's a LOT). You can add this to spaghetti noodles, brown rice penee (my fav!) or even make a lasagna with it! Once I made this for my family, served it over rice & added pieces of cooked sausage to it. That was fantastic! Enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness

I never appreciated the notion of "March Madness" until March 2008! This month has potentially been the busiest month of my entire life. No kidding. Not to mention that it's only just half-way through the month!! And because I really don't have time to post all the details of why, here are a few pics to describe the madness!

Monique & I trying on crazy ugly hats at Cost Plus (we really went for the $1 mugs)

running the kiddos around

Sarah & Aimee at youth event "Dinner & Diddy's"

with friends at Pita Kitchen
(authentic Israeli food--legit!) in downtown Burbank

home for 3 reasons:
(1) Sarah came home after 18 months in South Korea
(2) Dad's birthday

(3) grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary!

basketball games!
I almost cried
Friday night when we lost to
UCLA (not really, but almost)

Dizmas show with 2 of my high schoolers, Kylie & Amanda was

building Leprachaun traps!
Kara started it all about 3 years ago when she made the kids sit & listen to the whole story of the REAL St. Patrick, & since they listened well she helped them build a trap & the little "creatures" come & leave them treasures overnight! The tradition continues...
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Upcoming events in March:
- going to Bakersfield on Good Friday to be fitted for Courtney's bridesmaid dress!
- going to Legoland for Ryan's 8th birthday on Saturday
- Easter Sunday at church, brunch with the Stevens & afternoon with the Roneys
- home again for Jenn's (close high school friend) wedding in Sac Town on the 29th!

Stay tuned for more fun pictures!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Muddy Buddies

Another hit recipe from MHBS.
Here you go!

Muddy Buddies

2 c (1 average bag) chocolate chips
1/2 c (about 2 heaping big spoonfuls) creamy peanut butter
6 c chex rice (or the generic brand) cereal
1 c powdered sugar
dry roasted unsalted peanuts (optional)

melt all of choco chips & peanut butter in microwave
(cook for 1 min, stir, cook 1 more min)
stir & heat until all choco chips are melted
stir in (gently!) rice cereal
put powdered sugar in gallon ziplock baggie
add cereal & choco/pb mixture to ziplock bag
zip shut & shake! until well-coated
add peanuts if desired

chill in fridge until serving (or freezer if in a hurry)


*also known in other "circles" as Sweet Minglers, Puppy Chow, etc.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday x4

Happy Happy Birthday to the following family & friends in my life!


Chrislyn Wilder (the big #21!)

Clinton Magee (I think he's 30 this year!)

Becca Boone (have fun in HI!)

I love you all & wish the best day on earth as you celebrate another year of life given to you by the Lord.