Saturday, February 9, 2008

What I want to be...

So...I've decided what I want to be when I grow up. Seriously. The revelation came to me about 3 weeks ago after much thinking know... :)
I want to be a professional snowboarder.
So far the responses I've received have been both discouraging (Summer's rolling of the eyes and laughter) and pondering (Rachel & Becca's responses of "how do you get there?").
Here's how it's gonna happen:
- get a job at Sports Chalet so I can get free lift tickets to Mt. High & major discounts in Big Bear/Mammoth
- go snowboarding every other day (gotta leave space for muscle recovery)
- get sponsored
- go to the Olympics
- be in commercials for snowboarding
- get rich & famous off of that
I wish I were home in NorCal for a few more days to take advantage of the nice Tahoe slopes! Alas, as I haven't gone to the snow in 3 weeks (much too long...) so here is a little tribute to my snow buddies!

Tamsen & me: Donner Ranch (12.31.07)

me & John (on chair behind us) & Hannah: Big Bear (1.18.08)

Hannah & me & Cody: Big Bear (1.18.08)

Can't WAIT to go next weekend with the roommate!


Summer Martin said...

Kate, I will support you whatever you may be!! LOVE YOU!!

Joy Caine said...

Well, you know that is also a good place and another way to be a missionary for Christ. Keep me posted in what you do cause I'll be rooting for you!
(I can't wait to see you on TV in competitions and say/yell I KNOW HER! when you come on. She's a great gal!)

Tamsen said...

I'm glad I made it (yet again) onto your blog...Maybe Marty will look at mine now.