Sunday, February 3, 2008

We are Donkeys

I spent this afternoon keeping up on watching the videos for class. Don't worry--the Superbowl was on in the background. :)

Since we're still introducing the course (Intro to Theology), our prof is teaching about the Who/What/Where/When/Why/Hows? of doing theology. Yes, I am learning a lot, but some of it is rather given material. Anyway, he referenced an author commenting on Matthew 21 (Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem) and I was really struck by the comments. Maybe you will be, too:

"We theologians, and church musicians, we pastoral counselors and biblical scholars, we educators and activists...we are all donkeys, a guild of donkeys who happen to be on the spot, and who are called in the providence of God to carry for a while that most special and precious of burdens Our job is to carry it--carry him--faithfully, steadily, humbly, proudly, unashamedly, joyfully--along that treacherous path which leads finally to Calvary."
- Timothy George

The point in the triumphal entry was not to focus on the donkey. It was to focus on the One the donkey was carrying. And it's easy in ministry to focus on ourselves. 

"Humility is not a virtue we cultivate, it is a gift which comes to us as we focus on the object of our vision, on the precious cargo we are permitted to bear for a while."

We're cultivating godliness as we cultivate perseverance, as we cultivate endurance, as we cultivate survival, humility happens.

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