Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Check off the List

I'm one of those people who has a [mental] list of things to do before I get too old (or die). Becoming a professional snowboarder is potentially included on that. But a more realistic activity I have always wanted to pursue...try out...accomplish is that of a triathalon!

So...I finally registered to participate in the Newport Beach Triathalon! It takes place on April 20th. I decided to go with the Newport Beach one because it's a sprint triathalon, which means that the distances are shorter. They are as follows:

swim: 1/2 mile (open-water, wetsuits allowed)
bike: 15 miles (usually with an incline)
run: 3 miles (run 1.5 miles, turn around, come back)

I've been reading a lot recently about triathalons, both in books and in the newspaper. Last week I came across an article in the LA Times about how triathalons are becoming the "new marathon" because they're not as boring. Word. Something I read that was particularly interesting and encouraging is that triatheletes generally do well if the individual excels in one of the events and is good in the other two. Since I've been swimming since birth (well, almost) I am a strong swimmer. Anyone can ride a bike, so that's just about the strategy. And running--puh-leez. So at this point it's all about putting the three together!

If you've ever participated in a triathalon yourself, I would love to get pointers and input!

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The Pray Family said...

i have done a sprint-distance triathalon.
you don't want my input... it is not nice.

but i am not normal; most friends of mine got hooked on the sport after their first race. i hope you love it!! my only advice is to not listen to yourself if you have suicidal thoughts during the swim like i did... floating down to the bottom and taking a nap underwater is not a good idea, no matter how tired you are :)

good luck!