Thursday, February 7, 2008

9,460,800 Minutes Ago

me & Megan, Christmas Eve 2007

Megan Ingelore Wright was born into our family on February 7, 1990. She and I shared a room from the time of her birth until I was in college. It was sharing a room in those early years that really makes me appreciate her now! I love you, little sister! Here are some fun facts you might appreciate about Megan:

  • she's 1 inch taller than me, standing the tallest of all the sisters
  • she graduated high school last month, making all 4 of us 17 when we graduated high school
  • she just got a new longboard skateboard
  • she was a really good soccer player at a young age but gave it up to pursue dancing
  • she was an Irish dancer for many years of her life
  • her dream college is Cal Poly, SLO, to major in viticulture
  • her childhood dream career was to be a vet (not anymore)
  • she is the 2nd youngest of all the grandchildren, and the youngest girl
  • she's a really good cook and baker
  • we were on swim team for a year or so together
  • she scored the highest on standardized testing out of all of us
  • she's SO funny. seriously. Funny.
  • she's really creative...the artsy-fartsy type
  • she's the one who found our dog, Gidgette
  • she still asks mom to come with her to run errands
  • she is a morning person
  • her favorite food is...mexican? chinese? all of the above, of course!
  • her middle name is German
  • my mom wanted to name her Amy, but her dad (our g-pa) didn't like it
  • she was "unplanned" if you know what I mean
  • she used to complain all the time that she couldn't do anything because she was "too little" or was "the youngest." in reality, she always got to go first because she was the youngest.
  • she created "Donut Wednesdays" where she & mom (now all of us) go to the donut store for breakfast on Wednesday mornings
  • she has mad house/pet sitting skills
  • she & I have been mistaken for twins on more than one occasion
  • she's 18 years old today!
  • her family nickname is any form of "bugs" or "buggins" or "Megan Inge-binga"

I love you, Megan!!

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