Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorry About the Wait

I was about 10 minutes early to pick Olivia up from school this afternoon.
I thought to myself, "Just enough time to swing by and get a coffee. Perf!"
Yea, right. Only if you have one car ahead of you in the drive-thru lane.
Alas, there were about 6 cars in front of me, and one of those cars had about 4940 drinks ordered. So guess what-I was stuck in line and gonna be late to pick up Olivia. Lame. I got up to the window and the girl said, "Hi. Sorry about the wait. The drink's on us." Score! The good ending to the story is that I wasn't even late to pick up Olivia. It turns out that I thought she was done at 2:30 when, in reality, she was done at 2:35. Those last 5 minutes made all the difference.
Through all of this I was thinking about patience. Many a people have commented to me about how patient I am. Let me be the first to tell you that my patience is deceptive. It's only outward. I'm only patient when I want to be. In fact, I enjoy being patient when I have the time, because I want to be a blessing to others (I never met someone who didn't love a patient person). Is that prideful--to like being patient when I have the time? Probably.

The Bible instructs us to be patient with all men. Since Ryan was looking up words in the dictionary for homework tonight, I took a glance at the definition for "patience." It reads, "habit or fact of being patient." Man, I really need to work on patience being a habit.

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