Thursday, January 3, 2008

Recipe Thursdays

Hi Friends!

To add some spice (no pun intended) and creativity to the blog, I have decided to theme a few days of the week. Thank you, Summer Martin. Alas, this calls for Recipe Thursdays. I will do my best to provide some creative & fun recipes for y'all each Thursday.

Here's the catch, though. In honor of my beloved friend, Summer, I am going to do my best at making the selected recipes gluten free. Enjoy!

Maple Apples Brandy*

3 granny smith apples
4 tablespoons brandy
4 tablespoons pure maple syrup

wash and slice apples, cutting out the core but leaving the skin.
bake in a skillet on high-about 5 minutes on each side of apple or until slightly golden brown in color.
while apples are baking mix together brandy & pure maple syrup.
after apples are ready drizzle the liquid mixture (keeping skillet on high heat).
stir constantly with pancake spatula to avoid burnt sugar.
keep on high until liquid is caramelized.
let cool for about a minute.
serve warm either by itself or over vanilla ice cream.

*my little sister Megan renamed this delicious dessert "Spiked Apples"
fortunately for you, the alcohol cooks out but will sometimes leave a brandy flavor.


The Pray Family said...

yay! recipe thursdays is awesome!
i will have to try and contribute on my own blog... and i will kick mine off with a "spiked" recipe as well :)


Becca said...

hey kate! i like the new blog look! :D