Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yay for Kate!

I live with 2 amazing girls, Brynne and Kate.
It's great. We have a blast together.
Brynne and Kate were roommates last year at Master's, in the room directly below me. Kate has been dating this guy, Josh, for a number of years now. Brynne just started dating his brother, Zach, in Septemer. Since Kate & Josh have been dating for a while now & Kate is done with school, she was kind-of expecting an engagement soon. They have talked about marriage, but she really had no idea how or when Josh would propose.

Well, he did! On Friday night.
Yay for Kate! She's engaged!

Of course, being a girl, I will post the few details that I know. Since Kate is back home with her family & Josh, I heard the new from Zach. Here's what I know:

Josh took Kate on Friday night, her 1st night home for Christmas vacation, to the place where they had their first date together. I forget the name of it, but it's a resturant in Hollywood where all the people who work there since opera. Apparently it's a really mellow, low-key but romantic and nice place. So they were sitting in this upper balcony thing & at the end of the meal Josh told her that he had to go pay for the meal. Kate was just left looking around and waiting for him to arrive back. Before she knows it, Josh is on the stage at the place with his guitar singing her a song that he wrote for her. Then he asked her to come down to him, got on one knee, professed his love for her & asked her to marry him. Of course she said yes & the rest is history. Yay for Kate! We'll be watching a lot more of the wedding planning channels, I'm sure, and making mad wedding plans. I'm excited for what the Lord has for them!

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